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Sankalp-A Pledge To Change is an NGO registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 operating in tribal areas/villages/bastis surrounding National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. The NGO is currently run and completely managed by the alumni and students of the institute.

At present Sankalp runs 11 centres across the country (5 in Adityapur,1 in Telco,1 in Madhepura, Bihar, 1 in Varanasi, U.P. 1 in Dhanbad and 2 newly opened center at jamui and Banka ,Bihar ) providing free of cost tuition to more than 650 kids (Class 1-10) and sponsoring the complete education of 41 children. Sankalp also runs an adult Literacy Class to empower ladies at Mohan Nagar Area, Adityapur.

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Considering the poor quality of teaching standards and methodology adopted at Government schools and very little hope of improvement of the same in the next 10 years, India may face a catastrophic situation where the primary education level of millions of children will be weak enough to enroll further in secondary schools.The twin disaster of having aspirations to continue the education and land with a white collar job and a weak academic base till primary level will render them not only unemployed but out of the race with the children of elite schools .

Sankalp has taken a pledge to improve the academic standards of such underprivileged children who cannot afford costly tuitons and private school fee.

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Sankalp since its inception in 2007 has been engaged in the educational upliftment of tribal children in the areas around NIT Jamshedpur. a premier engineering institute of the country.Under RTE Act of GOI, thousands of schools have been opened in the nook and corner of the country. However a school and teaching is judged by the learning outcomes and not by the physical dimensions of the buildings.

Sankalp, instead of investing in running parallel schools has opened centres in different clusters offering free of cost tuition to the students of nearby government schools.

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Zee National

29 DEC 2015

Sankalp added another feather to its cap when National Television Channel Zee New approached us for visiting our Jamshedpur based centers and telecasted a live programme on its National Channel and ZEE Regional Channel Purvaiya showing the educational revolution that Sankalp has bright about in tribal areas.


The Better India

03 DEC 2015

Sankalp’s efforts were lauded by nationally renowned website The Better India when it interviewed Sankalp President and published an article on its website highlighting the inception, evolution & contribution of Sankalp. The story immediately received a nationwide positive response getting 3000+ likes and 500+ shares on its FB Page. Many organizations & NGOs approached Sankalp for replicating its educational model across the country.


Your Story Article

06 DEC 2015

Sankalp’s efforts were lauded by nationally renowned website Your Story. Com when it interviewed Sankalp President and published an article on its website highlighting the social impact caused by Sankalp and its vision, efforts and plan .


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Sponsoring a chld of Sankalp means that the sponsorer will take care of all the education related expenses of any child of Sankalp who is studying in one of the schools. These expenses include Tuition fee, Admission fee, Books and Transport expenses.how to sponsor a child ?

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We are currently looking for some assistance and co-operation from other organisations and NGOs in the form of membership. Sankalp is entirely an NIT jamshedpur student initiative. But, at the same time Sankalp invites some NGOs and organisations to us in this noble cause. How can i join Sankalp ?

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Spread the awareness of helping people, so that they can live a normal life in the society and educate their children that everyone deserves.

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