Sankalp Task Force

The difference between success and failure is a great team.Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

We at Sankalp have framed a sound organizational structure with top to down hierarchy year wise. A well defined organizational structure helps in Communication, Reporting Relationships, Growth And Expansion, Task Completion, Each year is further divided into teams with specific roles allotted to each team. There is division of responsibilities to ensure proper and equal work load to each member and timely completion of tasks.

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

by Vince Lombardi

Regular interaction led by the President is done to make clear so all members of the organization understand what their responsibilities are and know to whom they are accountable. Division and grouping of volunteers in separate teams takes place in second year. Sankalp allows cross functional teams to take responsibility for organizing events.

Induction takes place every year in August and Sankalp allows lateral movement of any volunteer into different group/teams in any subsequent year after induction. Joining or assisting any team is an individual choice and full freedom is given to any volunteer for exercising his discretion. Sankalp encourages any student (both NIT JSR and others) to join us as volunteer and contribute in the manner he/she considers necessary for taking the vision of Sankalp forward. The only quality that we look for in volunteer is - A deep desire for a selfless service for underprivileged, society and nation. All active volunteers are rewarded at a felicitation ceremony at the the end of final year for the contribution towards the vision of education for all.

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Organisational Structure

Volunteer's Name contact E-mail Team
  Mayank kr Agarwal 9031975746mayankagarwal0508@gmail.comFinance
  Gopi Ram Jat 9709230084 mgrc292@gmail.comFinance
  Ankit kumar Srivastav 9472706227akstv@gmail.comFinance
  Avinash Kumar 9472387902kavinash983@gmail.comFinance
  Abhishek Mishra 8987574583abhishekmi94@gmail.comFinance
  Nishant Kumar Shukla 9534013793nishantjsr94@gmail.comFinance
  Nitesh Kumar 9801416631niteshk559@gmail.comFinance
  Ashwini Gupta8092511455ashwinigupta0408@gmail.comFinance
  Vishal Kr Roy8409869470vishalroy7277@gmail.comFinance
  Sonu Kumawat9771656604sonukumawat150493@gmail.comMaintenance
  Ravi Kumar Das82353946622011rkd2012@gmail.comMaintenance
  Anant Prakash Sinha7549073491sinha.anantprakash@gmail.comMaintenance
  Sanat Kumar8877077879sonucool991@gmail.comEvent Management
  Subodh Kumar Das9798756336subodhdas1994@gmail.comEvent Management
  Amit Kumar8986909679amit5525@rediffmail.comEvent Management
  Saket Kumar Jha9835241079jhasaket79@gmail.comEvent Management
  Suresh Kr Pareek7209632032sureshpareek34@gmail.comAcademic
  Vikas Dixit9472706225vikas.dixit2001@gmail.comConveyor
  Yogesh Kr Shukla9471591162shukla007@gmail.comExamination
  Prasanna Kumar9472703560kepler22bpk@gmail.comExamination
  Rakesh Kumar Ranjan9122781708rakesh.ranjan095@gmail.comExamination
  Anand Raj9905487755write2anandraj@gmail.comExamination
  Dhirendra Chowdhary7856871456nitjsrdhiru@gmail.comExamination
  Rohit Kumar8409339973kr,rohit506@gmail.comExamination
  Shubham Upadhyay9608979690shubhamgak@gmail.comExamination
  Nikhil Kr Mishra9852280690nikhiltheplayer22@gmail.comExamination
  Nirmal Rajak7549131066nirmalkumar876@gmail.comExamination
  Sanjay kr Yadav8538923604sanjay3778@gmail.comAdmission
  Saket Satyarthi88507083580saketsatya.satyarthi4@gmail.comAdmission
  Abhinav Shukla9472706206abhinavshukla2258@gmail.comAdmission
Volunteer's Name contact Team
  Sourabh Sharma 7677179963Academic
  Aman Kumar 8541918655Academic
  Sanjit Kumar 7631078731Web
  Yash Khandelwal 9472706390Web
  Deepak Pansari 9546704061Web
  Mithilesh Jha Admission
  Vivek Kumar 8603348047Admission
  Siddharth KumarFinance
  Sourav KumarFinance
  P D ChoudharyFinance
  Pritam Singh7762828374Finance
  Abhishek Kr Singh8797489901Finance
  Harish Chandra7870528130Planning and development
  Pawan Kumar7870988944Planning and development
  Amit Kumar7079956186Planning and development
  Manish Kumar7050567424Planning and development
  Avinash Singh9031616850Event Management
  Vivek Kumar7870782383Event Management
  Shahbaz Alam7277450308Event Management
  Vikash Kumar9955332070Event Management
  Pallav Shah7549052664Examination Team
  Amritesh Ranjan9608667456Examination Team
  Aditya Ghodela7870696075Examination Team
  Adarsh Kumar7870784031Examination Team
  Shashikant Rai9709538906Examination Team
  Gaurav Kr Sharma8271576985Examination Team
  Rahul Yadav8271047976Examination Team
  Vineet Ahuja8292984114Examination Team
  Rahul Kumar
  Anshuman Kumar9905703173
  Akash Arnav8235636412
  Abhash Bhardwaj
  B. Vishal Subudhhi9431064970
  Deepak Kumar8051137573
  Arvind Kishore8271752049
  Prakash Kumar
  Aman Anand8804270576
Volunteer's Name
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