Web Team

Ashutosh Kumar
Web Team Head

P: (91)- 7022387880

E: ashutosh8nitjsr@gmail.com

The Web Team at Sankalp is responsible for construction and maintenance of Sankalp Web Page and Database. Updating current Events and Notifications to web Page is also the work of web team. The following are the responsibilities of the Web Team:

  • maintenance of database.
  • Updating of database.
  • maintenance of Sankalp website.
  • Providing security to unwanted access of threats.
  • make upto date all informations and content.
  • check for system error and sudden crash.
  • backup of all important data and update it.
  • updating informations about current events in Sankalp.
  • making proper interaction with member inside organization
  • Updating Noticeboard with current events and monthly report
  • publishing yearly report.
  • make entry to new member and volunteer.