Does volunteering in Sankalp affect education of students who are involved as volunteers?

Absolutely Not. The work is well distributed among all the members so that the burden does not fall on any one member. In fact, most of the members of Sankalp are amongst the best performers in their respective batches and the alumni members who were a part of Sankalp are well-placed.

What are the various activities associated with Sankalp?

Sankalp engages in providing Quality Education, Health and Sanitation measures as well as other modes of development for kids in slum areas. For details you can have a look at the various activity pages of our website.

How is this managed?

Being a certified NGO, Sankalp has a well organized, structured composition that has various groups to take care of several core areas of functioning. These include Academic, Admissions, Exams, Public Relations, Maintenance and others. A detailed description is available on our Volunteers page.

Is Sankalp part of any institute?

Though students of NIT Jamshedpur volunteer in Sankalp but the college administration does not play any role in the functioning of Sankalp. Sankalp functions as a certified NGO formed under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is solely managed by the governing council of NGO while the students enrolled in the graduation and post-graduation programme of NIT Jamshedpur engage in everyday affairs of Sankalp and teaching at the centre.

How does the organization get its funds?

Most of the funds come through generous contributions and support extended by alumni members of NIT Jamshedpur as well as that by students of NIT, Jamshedpur.

Why one should join Sankalp?

The act of helping the poor kids is no less that serving God. It gives one immense satisfaction and unrestrained joy. As your association with the group grows deeper, you will find more reasons than one to be proud and happy of the efforts that you are putting in to bring a smile on someone's face.

I am willing to join Sankalp. Where should I apply? What is the procedure?

Inductions are done for volunteers every year in the first year of graduation at NIT, Jamshedpur. There is no restriction on the number of students that will be selected. No form of registration fee has to be paid to be a part of Sankalp. We just look for devotion to work for the poor. However if you wish to contribute to Sankalp through monetary means or by sponsoring a child, you can contact us as at

Can I start a subgroup of Sankalp?

Yes, this is possible. An extension of Sankalp can be started in any other college, school, and a local community to promote education. However, the person or group willing to start the group must have worthy credentials and should have a passion to serve the society. Regarding this, we can be contacted on or on one of the contacts of the Public Relations member given on the Contacts page.

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