Every children have Right to Education and we provide them Free

At present, around 1.4 million children are out of school in India. Approx 30 million children are enrolled in government schools across the country. As improving literacy rate is one of the key levers of MDGs, education has to be a key factor in achieving MDGs at the right time. Moreover, other MDG targets like malnutrition eradication, women's participation in decision making at all levels, hygiene, maternal mortality and neo-natal mortality are all directly linked to improved levels of education both quantitatively and qualitatively.

As quality education in government schools is still a distant dream, we cannot afford to let the time pass and see the next generation ruining their prime in paltry jobs, their potentials remaining untapped and the same illiterate mass joining the ranks of politicians in near future wreak havoc on the constitution and its ideals. We need to train right in the cradle.

Sankalp has chosen not to invest in creating physical infra like parallel schools or huge buildings. Becuase " Building a better you is equal to building a better India.. We intend to bridge the gap between literacy and education by running not only academic classes but also holding sessions on moral values, inculcation of socially useful values thru dramatics and nukkad, team spirit thru games and a spirit of rationality and inquiry by conducting quizzes and science fares. Sankalp wishes to invest on the greatest asset that human civilization ever had; "Children".An all round progress , a balanced growth of underprivileged children who cannot afford modern private schools and a sense of empathy towards the society is all what we wish to teach our children and be proud of.

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Health Development

Sankalp organizes Health Camp for all students and their parents enrolled at our centres every six month. The students are attended by the best doctors and free medicines are distributed.

Skill Development

Skill Development programmes such as Sewing Machines Training, Computer Literacy etc are provided at our centres.

Exam Preparation

Sankalp has started its Mission Navodaya Programme under which it trains and prepares underprivileged children for admission to Navodaya and other residential schools like RKM, Sainik School and Netarhat.

Adult Literacy

Sankalp centres have taken this pledge to remove illiteracy from this country and Adult Literacy is all the more required for a holistic empowerment of the citizens. We provide free classes thru trained teachers to the mothers of students of our centers for building foundation and enable them to transact day to day activities.

Gender Equality and Sensitization:

Physical/Sex education has always been an ignored area in the school curriculum of any board in India We at Sankalp believe that our centres should actually function as transformation centres addressing issues from education to livelihood ,from women empowerment adolescent girls awareness sessions on physical education In line with our mission, we organize ohysical education classes for girls at our centres

Child Equality

There are various areas, where the children are exploited and deprived of their basic rights. In order to support child equality, we have processed the campaign to support child equality.