Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a chld of Sankalp means that the sponsorer will take care of all the education related expenses of any child of Sankalp who is studying in one of the schools. These expenses include Tuition fee, Admission fee, Books and Transport expenses. This in most cases comes out to be around Rs 15,000 per child per year. Regular updates about the child's performance are sent to the the person sponsoring the child. The list of children who are studying in schools and need a sponsor are listed below. Their complete details that includes family background and past academic performance can be made available to anyone interested in sponsoring them.

How can I sponsor?

If you want to sponsor a child of Sankalp, please contact on the following Email Id or call us - sponsor@sankalpnitjamshepur.org

There are many people who are sponsoring the children of Sankalp Family. We are very thankful to them for their trust in us and supporting a noble cause.

Sankalp Family

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