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"The Rs. 100 which you spent on buying something for yourself will still have a value of Rs. 100. But the same Rs. 100 which you use to bring smile on someone's face, its value increases a lot many times."

We boast of a well established alumni network who hold key positions across various multinationals across the globe. We are looking for their generous contribution for our organisation to sustain and support this noble initiative. The contribution will be acknowledged on our website in the realisations of a noble cause which tries to benefit the society in various aspects. Sankalp as an NGO relies on its alumni and student network to sponsor its financial requirements. Our alumni are our primary sponsors. We also send monthly finance reports to all our donors.

Please lend your helping hand for the welfare of the society and in the realisation of imparting quality education to the needy poor students. We lend them our helping hand so that the talent may flourish and even the poor talented students may think of becoming successful in life. We nurture the talented students who showcase excellence despite being poor. We want these students to serve the society in the coming future. If you lend your helping hand to someone who is needy and you help him in getting out of misery , then it is the most satisfying task.

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